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Sycamore Tree-Table

An unusual feature of some sycamore wood is what is known as ripple back, which you can see in the above table top, particularly on the left hand side. This wood is prized by guitar makers who use it for the backs of their instruments. As well as being an attractive  feature, it is supposed to improve the resonance of the instrument.


c26” x 26” top

c20”  high

Sold—Price guide £640



Sycamore is a light coloured wood with a sweet pleasant smell, hence it is favoured for wooden spoons. However it can take on a variety of features:


It quickly spalts due to fungal infections, and a variety of darker colours develop, black line, orange and greenish tints.

There are currently no sycamore tables in stock, but I have some nice planked sycamore seasoning for future use.