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Tree-Tables made from Yew Wood

The Yew is a tree of sacred places, associated with churchyards and druid folk lore. It has itís own totally unique growth pattern, often having a† trunk made of multiple cores and a hollow interior. Vertually all parts of the tree are poisonous.




The wood takes on a variety of colour, the sap wood is light, the heart wood starts as a light golden yellow, but develops darker reddish hues. Sometimes in freshly sawn wood there are patches of bright purple, but this pigment is prone to being oxidised by air and sunlight, taking on a dark maroon colour.


†I have to carve it in a completely different way from the other woods, but the result is a form much more characteristic of the tree itself.


This unique wood comes at a premium, partly due to itís rarity, making† it expensive to purchase, and partly due to the extra difficulty of working with it.